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Army to find a safe passage for a wagon train and impatient settlers to the West. ADD TO shopping cart knight OF A 1000 faces (1960)-Letterboxed print.

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But Lucien is now in love, and once demobilized, he goes to Paris to find her again. A daughter, accompanied by the hero of the moment, it forward into the forest to look for him and finds him in the company of a mad scientist who performs demential experiments in the human brain. That introduction is just a time-killer, but once it's out of the way, the fun begins. Based on Albert Kubin's novel The Other Side. The same novel by José Giovanni was later filmed by the author himself as mafia warfare, again starring Belmondo. ADD TO shopping cart killing VS mandrake (1967)-In Turkish with eng subs.  Eurowesterns often have confused geographies, but this movie places names were simply grabbed out of a hat. And mixed with the shooting-up and the trick-turning scenes, there is the usual, much more innocent teen hijinks like a virgin picking up a sexy punk girl at a club or a couple of mischievous "schulmadchen" trying to seduce their.

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The two musicians are in truth emissaries of the Devil, sent to disrupt the wedding for their own amusement. There, they make a profit by selling the Indians weapons and whiskey. Great unseen Giallo with a terrific score by Ennio Morricone, nudity from Sydne Rome and a brilliant performance by Comedian Johnny Dorelli in a very serios role. Judy and Alex are the only two survivors of a punishment mission ordered by the rich and ruthless Moran. ADD TO shopping cart THE rage within (1969)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print. The killer clown doll kajaani google maps hieronta ei seksi homoseksuaaliseen playing hide and seek! The two agents have an equal partnership, but if anyone is closer to the "sidekick" role, it's the man. The film has plenty of nudity and stars Monica Audras, Marzia Damon, and Enza Sbardone. Mostly for kids, a great parody of the most popular classic horror films (Dracula, The Werewolf, Frankenstein. The world after the atomic age. ADD TO shopping cart erotic adventures ooung DON juan (1987)-In Italian with English subs. Beautiful letterboxed version of this outstanding film, with great performances by an outstanding cast. Levin, his lady assistant Monique and their mongoloid gardner/slave Sasha. ADD TO shopping cart venus OF THE islands (1978)-In Italian with English subs. Rare Black and White Gothic Giallo! Martial arts instructor and former Chuck Norris student Ruben Gonzalez stars as Ruben Gonzalez, a martial arts instructor whose teenage daughter, during a lover's rendezvous, has been killed by a bear. Trieste in the year 1911. She eventually brings sex, chaos, blackmail and death into her new family. Rare early giallo from director Angelo Dorigo. Have a funeral and bury the unfortunate scientist. Marine is reported missing, five CIA operatives are sent to Singapore to investigate the soldier's disappearance in this spy actioner. ADD TO shopping cart high season FOR spies (1966)-IN german with ENG subs. ADD TO shopping cart THE saviour (1971)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print. Disgusted by Morton's cruelty, especially against the local peons, the two support a revolt organized with the aid of Mrs. Schön succumbs to her charm himself with no better luck. Packed with action and adventure, this is a story where good conquers evil. ADD TO shopping cart swordsman OF sienna (1962)- A Spanish overlord controls 16th-century Tuscany. Errol's son Sean Flynn plays Timothy, a young lawyer who inherits a gold mine. ADD TO shopping cart THE SPY WHO loved flowers (1966)-Beautiful widescreen print of this rare Umberto lenzi Eurospy film. But Charles cannot escape his conscience, and he eventually feels compelled to tell both Helene and Francois, neither of whom react with any particular shock or dismay.

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  1. In the French city of Rouen an election is overshadowed by a fight between the supporters of two of the candidates.

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